well, that was a good idea…

… but maybe not as great in practice. I had all intentions of updating our trip on a daily basis, giving you a recap of all the amazing things that Jackson has been doing on his first trip out of Texas and away from the comfort of his home hospital team. Jokes on me. We arrived to the lake on Monday, July 17th, and loaded … Continue reading well, that was a good idea…

we’re doing something crazy.

Incase you hadn’t heard, we’re doing something crazy. Not dangerous. Not ill-advised. But crazy, none the less. A little back story: I’m from the east coast, a fact I readily share with anyone I meet in Houston to quickly explain my lack of accent and inability to understand the proper use of “y’all”. Before Jackson mad his debut, I was lucky enough to take semi-regular … Continue reading we’re doing something crazy.

Yes, my kid is more important than yours (and I’m not sorry for that).

Jackson has been out of the hospital for less than two months since his initial admission from birth. And in that time, we’ve been to the emergency room five times. Five. Times. Unfortunately, it’s not a ‘buy five, get the sixth one free’ type of situation, either. Too bad, because I think someone has earned themselves a free night.  One of those times we traveled … Continue reading Yes, my kid is more important than yours (and I’m not sorry for that).

The birth announcement that never was.

We are so excited to welcome our new bundle of joy! Baby and mama are healthy, happy, and resting peacefully after a wonderful labor. We’re over joyed! Expectation versus reality. When I first found out I was pregnant, I started fanaticizing about all the things that would be: the next 9 months, the birth, the milestones, and beyond. I even thought about how we would … Continue reading The birth announcement that never was.

All quiet on the {southern} front. 

Surprisingly, things have been somewhat quiet in our world. Sure, Jackson’s line wouldn’t draw back this morning and he’s been a little more ‘pukey’ than normal, but in our world, those are no big deal and, in general things, have been quiet. Knock on some damn wood, everyone. So, what has been going on? Jackson started with a new nursing company last week and we … Continue reading All quiet on the {southern} front. 

What to say when you don’t know what to say. 

People mean well. They really do.  When Jackson was born and throughout our stay in the hospital, we had so many wonderful people reach out and check in on us, offering words of encouragement, condolences, and even shared experiences with their own little ones. Each person who reached out did so from a place of love, with concern for Jackson and concern for Zach and … Continue reading What to say when you don’t know what to say. 

Same stoma. New tube. 

See anything different? No? Well, it’s there. It came with the the new month and will stick around until June.  That’s right, folks. We officially have a new trach in place.  Once a month, Jackson’s full trach has to be changed to help clear plugs and prevent infection. This involves removing the ties holding his trach in place, taking out the old one, and sliding … Continue reading Same stoma. New tube.