We made it longer than average.

Did you know that many patients discharged after long hospital stays find themselves back in the ER within 72 hours? I may have made that up, but it sounds legit.
We made it 6 days. Not exactly how we were hoping to spend our night last night.
Zach and I had to take Jackson to the emergency room last night for his central line. Around 6:00pm, I started getting Jackson ready for bath time and noticed that the dressing on his line was almost completely off and the area around it was red and swollen. Central line infections are no joke, so we decided immediately to take Jackson in to have the dressing changed and looked at. I MacGyvered a dressing out of Press and Seal Saran Wrap and gauze and off we went – after packing the car with the 37 bags of s*#% Jackson requires to travel, obviously.
We went first to an urgent care clinic in our area that is affiliated with TCH. Super sweet staff, but they heard ‘exposed PICC line’ and we were referred to the ER faster than you can say ‘potential blood infection’.
The ER at the new Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands was amazing. Fast service, easy to access, and the parking was free. Seriously, after 6.5 months of paying for parking, it’s a dream. We even saw one of his past PICU nurses when we checked in and we’re happy to see a familiar face.
5 hours later, one dressing change, and a confirmation that our son is, in fact, a ginger we were on our way. The doctors suspected that his skin is allergic to the dressing they were using and prescribed a cream to help with the issue and a new dressing change every 2 days.
In the words of Zach, 5 hours later and we got Bandaid. A very, very expensive Bandaid.

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