going home and heading back.

Jackson was officially discharged from the hospital on April 6, 2017. After 196 days, four different units, 6 major surgeries, and more procedures than we can count, Jackson officially left Texas Children’s Hospital bound for our home shortly after 1:00pm on April 6th.

We were readmitted yesterday.

10 days. We made it ten days at home before heading back into the hospital.

Those 10 days at home were a mix of amazing and terrifying – a test in all the things we had learned and not learned over the last 6 and a half months. Jackson’s road had been different than most – most kiddos with his type of CHD, Tetralogy of Fallot, actually head home within a few weeks after birth and their initial surgery and even kids with a trach often head home before we did – but being home felt, strangely, normal. We played, we slept, we even ventured out of the house a time or two to grab coffee. I won’t say it wasn’t challenging, but being home was pretty amazing.

We went to the Emergency Room on Saturday night and were admitted early Sunday morning after being transferred from our local Texas Children’s location to main campus. We were, initially, put on a floor in a building we weren’t familiar with but have since been transferred back to our old stomping grounds in PCU. It is strange – there is a feeling of comfort and contentment that comes with being back, returning to the familiarity of the nurses we know and the processes were accustomed to. It’s almost like coming home in reverse, leaving our actual home for the place we called ‘home’ for so long.

Kinda sad, huh?

That being said, we can’t wait to get back out. It looks like we should be out of here in the next few days – God willing – and we are excited to get back to our new normal. Until then, I’ll relish in the fact that I get to buy new clothes from Target (I came running down here without a change of clothes) and we get to see all our old friends while we hang out inpatient at TCH.


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