we’re doing something crazy.

Incase you hadn’t heard, we’re doing something crazy.

Not dangerous. Not ill-advised. But crazy, none the less.

A little back story: I’m from the east coast, a fact I readily share with anyone I meet in Houston to quickly explain my lack of accent and inability to understand the proper use of “y’all”. Before Jackson mad his debut, I was lucky enough to take semi-regular trips back to the land of cooler temperature and greener trees with one very special yearly trip – our trip to New Hampshire. My family has been going there since long before I was born and we’re lucky enough to have a family home on an amazing lake there. Zach and I even got married on that lake as it was the only place we both loved as much (if not more) than our individual home states.

Since we received Jackson’s diagnosis, though, I haven’t been back.

Not back to my original Maryland home. Not back to the east coast. And, most notably, not back to New Hampshire. There just hasn’t been time. Plus, traveling while Jackson was in the hospital wasn’t something I was comfortable with. So, we hadn’t gone.

That is, until now. Enter the crazy thing we’re doing.

After a lot of planning (a LOT) and clearance from all of Jackson’s doctors, we set off on an almost 8 week adventure to the east coast. Starting in early July, we will be traveling from Texas to Ohio to New Hampshire to Maryland and back to Texas again for some rest, relaxation, and appointment free family time (well, almost – but more on that later).

I’ve never been more excited.

This trip comes at a great time, following two tough admissions that challenged us mentally and physically as we learned to navigate the world of readmittance and the uncertainty that comes along with a hospital stay without a clear end. It falls in line great with some big life changes for our family, too, from job changes to school changes and everything in between. And it comes at a time when we are able to have family around us, helping with Jackson however they can and, for some of them, meeting him for the first time.

We’d love for you to follow along while Jackson and Juna go on a real adventure.






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