well, that was a good idea…

… but maybe not as great in practice.

I had all intentions of updating our trip on a daily basis, giving you a recap of all the amazing things that Jackson has been doing on his first trip out of Texas and away from the comfort of his home hospital team.

Jokes on me.

We arrived to the lake on Monday, July 17th, and loaded up the boat. Our family home is on an island on Lake Winnipesaukee and, to get there, you have to get on a boat. This, obviously, means a donning a life-jacket because #safetyfirst.

Unfortunately, Jackson had other plans.

We’re not 100% sure why, but when we put Jackson in his life-jacket and took off toward the house, he started having trouble breathing. He was taking short, shallow breaths and turning a shade of gray we haven’t seen since before his full TOF repair. We quickly turned the boat around and made our way back to the dock where Zach called 911 while I hooked Jackson up to his emergency oxygen and delivered rescue breaths. He was unresponsive, slow to wake up, and looked, overall, terrible.

It was basically a shit show.

Thankfully, the local paramedics were there in minutes (literally, minutes – a man came running down the dock in his street clothes saying that he was ‘close by’ and heard the call on the radio so he drove straight there to help while the ambulance arrived) and they were able to transport him to the local hospital for stabilization. We were quickly transported via ambulance to Boston Children’s Hospital and spent the next five days there. We were discharged on Friday and headed to the lake to finish out our vacation.

We made it four days.

On Wednesday, Jackson developed a low grade fever and generally looked unwell. Since he has the central line, Jackson has to be evaluated for any fever to make sure it’s not an infection in his line. And, since we had already been to the local hospital and they transferred our care, we were once again quickly sent to Boston to be treated.

Thankfully, it looks like the fever was most likely caused by a tracheal infection and not an infection in his line. We are slowly but surely recovering and hoping to be out of here soon to travel back up to the lake.

Third times the charm, right?



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