time away.

We have been out of the hospital for four days. Four glorious days of sunshine and lake water and relaxation. Four days away from the inside of a hospital and from a process of admission and discharge and readmission that has become somewhat of our norm.

They’ve been a great four days. We spent Monday after our discharge playing with family and getting back into our routine; wake (coffee), play (coffee), nap, repeat. Tuesday saw 17 of us packed on a boat to head to Pizza Bingo at our local country club. You’d think the odds were ever in our favor with how deep we decided to roll to a children’s bingo night, but unfortunately – no dice. We only had one (maybe 2) winners, but the kids had a great time and Jackson showed off his skills of sleeping through basically anything after 7:30pm.

We had previously had an appointment set up for Jackson at the pediatrician here locally to check his weight and height. Though we had just been in the hospital, we decided to keep it so we could introduce ourselves to the doctor and get in with a local office incase of an emergency and are we glad we did! The little man has grown in weight and length, and the pediatrician was wonderful. His background, Pediatric ICU, definitely fit our little man and we felt even more comfortable with any necessary care after hearing how much preplanning (he knew all of Jackson’s allergies) and knowledge he had.

The problem with things going well is that you often find yourself waiting for the next shoe to drop. When your norm has become frequent hospital trips and recurrent admissions, it can be hard to stop wondering if the next one is right around the corner. And, to be honest, we’re sure there will be another admission in Jackson’s future, be it for a procedure or illness. And we don’t know when it will happen – a week, a month, or a year (trust me – won’t be a year. He’ll have his cleft repaired before that).  However, the more days we spend here, out of the hospital, out of the day to day worry, the further we start to feel away from it. And that distance definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Now, where’s the coffee?


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