going home and heading back.

Jackson was officially discharged from the hospital on April 6, 2017. After 196 days, four different units, 6 major surgeries, and more procedures than we can count, Jackson officially left Texas Children’s Hospital bound for our home shortly after 1:00pm on April 6th. We were readmitted yesterday. 10 days. We made it ten days at home before heading back into the hospital. Those 10 days … Continue reading going home and heading back.

why i have to ask if your child has been vaccinated.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about vaccines that seemed to hit home with a lot of people. I shared it on my previous page, SheCompetes, but wanted to share it here, too, since it’s even more relevant now that we are out of the hospital. Before everyone starts yelling about choice and opinions and Jenny McCarthy, take a read and set yourself … Continue reading why i have to ask if your child has been vaccinated.

Meet Juna

Juna grew up on the mean streets, enrolling in a prestigious art school but always hoping to pursue her dream of becoming a street dancer. She found it difficult to adapt, joining forces with the hottest dancer in the school and finally blending her old life with her new, leading them to the title of best underground dance crew. Actually, that’s the plot line of ‘Step Up 2: The … Continue reading Meet Juna